a collection of my favorite things

i consume a lot of media

the world is a great place and i've come across many amazing things in my journeys, so here are a couple of lists.

i'd love to hear your lists too! please tell me things.


the world of music is wild. i listen mostly to indie pop/alternative, generic pop, kpop (a note), ??? many song! and here are the tops of my listening charts. these are also my top artists. in no particular order:

articles/short stories

really, really cool articles and short stories i've collected. they're all super worth a read! a lot of these were recommended to me by jan likipi so thank you!!


these are just some of the books that sit on the 'favorites' section of my bookshelf, and i love them to bits.

youtube videos

this might be a weird category to have, but there some youtube creators/videos that i've watched multiple times and they're just amazing.

youtube is a huge place, though, so i definitely missed a lot of my favorite videos here, but it's a nice place to start.


yeaaaa games make up about a lot of my existence. they're so good! they're like the ideal way to spend time or bond with people or have interaction. 10/10 would recommend.


some random stuff that don't really go into other categories but i'd like to recommend them to you anyways.