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a collection of my favorite things

i consume a lot of media!


the world of music is wild. i listen mostly to indie pop/alternative, generic pop, kpop (a note), ??? many song! and here are the tops of my listening charts. these are also my top artists. in no particular order:

articles/short stories

really, really cool articles and short stories i've collected. they're all super worth a read! a lot of these were recommended to me by jan likipi so thank you!!


these are just some of the books that sit on the 'favorites' section of my bookshelf, and i love them to bits.

  • autoboyography by christina lauren. a gay kid grrowing up in a highly religious neighbourhood with loving parents and then he falls in love with the son of the bishop. it's that kind of book you devour within a day and leave reeling for weeks.
  • word by word by kory stamper. kory stamper is a lexicographer and this book is about how they make dictionaries but it's soooo fun to read? i learnt so much and like. lexicography sounds PAINFUL and FUN.
  • the hunger games by suzanne collins. if you haven't read this what are you doing? the hunger games is like, my top book of all times. i've read it at least 20 times and counting.
  • and more.

youtube videos

this might be a weird category to have, but there some youtube creators/videos that i've watched multiple times and they're just amazing.

youtube is a huge place, though, so i definitely missed a lot of my favorite videos here, but it's a nice place to start.


yeaaaa games make up about a lot of my existence. they're so good! they're like the ideal way to spend time or bond with people or have interaction. 10/10 would recommend.

  • minecraft by mojang, my comfort game, the game that's allowed me to get into so many things - like, 80% of everyone i know plays minecraft and it's just the Best for bonding online. looking at ma pona :)
  • hollow knight by team cherry, with its amazing art and music and lore and the LORE is so good! all the characters are so cute and it's so , like there are so many things to know. it's So Good.
  • butterfly soup by brianna lei!!!! a group of lgbt+ teens (,, okay 3/4) navigate school and it's honestly one of the best visual novels i've ever played, and it's super funny and just, please play it, it's so fun.
  • a new life by angela he, another visual novel but this is GOD TIER. every single scene is wallpaper-worthy. the art and music are AMAZING and it's just so soft!
  • and more (mostly indie).


some random stuff that don't really go into other categories but i'd like to recommend them to you anyways.

  • lingthusiasm, a podcast, about linguistics, but i love it! very fun to listen to, 10/10 would recommend.
  • this website will self destruct, a really cute little website. my borders were inspired from these.
  • ... and that's all :D