• creations •


too many unfinished ones.

yeaaaah, i have quite a big variety of interests. this is going to take some time.

i also made tons of toki pona stuff, which will be under the toki pona page instead of here. woo.


i really like gamedev... it's so. inspiring. people play games. they feel emotions, it makes them want to make things. that is what i make games for.

itch.io page

other code

languages i'm fluent in include gdscript, c++, python, swift, javascript, ???, in order of fluency, but it changes all the time.

i don't really code other stuff that much ,, but yea, i like design-ish things too :D

basically just older versions of this site. i'm extremely indecisive and made tons of others before this one :)

i have a lot of creations, i say, but gamedev is really the main one that i've got.


i have a few bits of music that i made? funnily, i don't really like making music all that much. the whole 'pros: things, cons: making', isn't it always?

i do music! a number of it!

i've got this big archive of music i've made over the years but i've hardly published any of it. hm.

other things

and a few bits and pieces of stuff that i'll store in this site :)

  • dreams of cat, a piece of interactive fiction i wrote for a school thing? kinda proud of it. gabriel helped me with it. it's pretty cool!