i am a consumer.

i play games and listen to music and read books and consume a lot of stuff!

here is a collection of some of my favorites. just so i can keep track of them for myself.

quick jump: people · interact · read · listen

people: friends!

i have friends on the internet. they're cool.

interact: apps

as a maybe power mac user, there are some apps that i love and i cannot live without. unfortunately most of these are mac-only. sorry about that. :(

interact: games

yeaaaa games make up about a lot of my existence. they're so good! they're like the ideal way to spend time or bond with people or have interaction. 10/10 would recommend.

interact: cool online stuff

i've come across some very cool and fun online things. hope you enjoy too.

read: books

these are just some of the books that sit on the 'favorites' section of my bookshelf, and i love them to bits.

read: short stories

short stories can be really, really impactful. there are some really good ones i've come across.

listen: pop(?) music

the world of music is wild. i listen mostly to indie pop/alternative, generic pop, kpop, ??? a lot of songs!! and here are the tops of my listening charts. these are also my top artists. in no particular order:

listen: instrumental music

there are some instrumental/lofi artists that i absolutely adore, too.

listen: podcasts

i frequently like to listen to podcasts on my walks or when i'm drawing. here are some of my favorites!