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on kpop

it's great but also a sometimes controversial opinion and some thoughts

note: these are just my opinions :) people who like kpop a lot and people who don't are definitely gonna not agree with some points! probably! all is well.

okay, so, yes, i like kpop, but not like, Kpop™ kpop, you know?

the kpop industry is really, really weird. like, yea, i think certain groups have their unique styles like any other music people would, but they don't produce their own music, and the producer sometimes changes within an album. the members themselves don't really do anything related to the music at all except sing it, which is kind of weird for a music industry. (yes, i know some songs are written by them etc etc, but usually not.)

jeez, i don't know where i'm going with this jfhgjksdhg i have a lot of thoughts! this will be messy.

when we listen to music, we listen to it for the Music. sometimes we find an artist we really like and listen to a lot of songs, and then they release one that we don't like a lot, but we listen to it anyways because we've associated the artist with Good and trust that they'll bring back another good song.

but the culture around kpop is just ,, so different. kpop is, in a nutshell, way more people-centered instead of on the music. anyways, i'm not saying that's a bad thing, it's just a bit weird that it's a music industry. but then again, a lot of kpop groups/members engage in like reality shows and stuff, so i'm not really surprised.

and so when i went into kpop really just for the music (i heard butterfly by loona played by some classmates and i Really Liked It), it was very interesting! there were many good songs and i found their choreographies very cool, so i started watching their videos and 'stanning'.

but i still never quite understood why people get Obsessed™, but that's probably just me :p

so yea! i love loona and fromis_9 because the music they've put out so far is great and i love their choreographies too. and i love their music just like i could any other artist, except they've got s o much of it.

i forgot why i made this subpage. but kpop is interesting stuff!

oh yea, there's also something to be said about it being The Dream. i watched an episode of a tv show where go won from loona met her idols from oh my girl and covered their song and it was, all like 'i saw you at your height and dreamed to be like you' and 'to inspire somone' and it's just all. the lengths they go to persue the dream of being on a stage. it's Something.