things i made

too many unfinished ones.

yeaaaah, i have quite a big variety of interests. this is going to take some time.

i also made tons of toki pona stuff, which will be under the toki pona page instead of here. woo.


yes, it's a vague term, no, i won't elaborate. i make lots of code! i have too much of it! i don't know where to put any of the stuff!

mostly games here, but languages i know include gdscript, c++, python, swift, javascript, ???, in order of fluency, but it changes all the time. page


i do music! a number of it!

i've got this big archive of music i've made over the years but i've hardly published any of it. hm.


i've been doing so much crocheting this year. i think i might make something documenting some patterns or stuff i've made, but... not at the moment.