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about neopronouns

the big question: what are those pronouns you listed? fae, ae, rae?

those are called neopronouns, aka pronouns other than the 'standard' she/he/they/it, aka made-up pronouns. they're pretty common in the world of lgbt+.

some of the most popular neopronouns include xe/xem, vi/vim, and fae/faer.

there are links in this page to en.pronouns.page, which is a neat website that teaches about neopronouns.

the neopronouns that i use are fae/faer, ae/aer, and rae/ren/res, in no particular order.

fae/faer(/faer/faers/faerself) is a pretty common one. this neopronoun sounds similar to genders such as genderfae or genderfaer, or remind of fae otherkin, i do not identify as any of those, but i do hold respect for them and i think they're all super valid!

ae/aer(/aer/aers/aerself) is another set of neopronouns that i really like. nothing else to say, it's good.

rae/ren(/res/res/renself) is inspired by waso lojeki. it's amazing and thank you!

now for the final question: what do you have to do with this?

these are my pronouns, that is, it'd be nice if people used them. but i know that it can be difficult, and she/her and they/them are also pronouns i like and use, so just, use any that you want :) but if you do use my neopronouns that'd be super cool!