what i'm doing now

(this is a /now page. if you have a site, you should make one too!)

updated 7 june 2022.


currently focusing on gamedev, namely box arena and a bit of esteria on the side.

originally planned to finish box arena in june, but that seems difficult, so release will be ideally before september. esteria feels more like a long-term dream game, so i have no idea how much i'll get out of that.


been meaning to get back into songwriting and poetry, although it seems unlikely at the moment. i'm loving ink a lot though, and i really want to do more with it!

meanwhile, my tinyletter is getting my attention. near-monthly posts, maybe?

content consuming

i am reading books again! at the time of this update, i just finished reading the song of achilles. definitely one of my favorite books now. achilles and patroclus are sooo oo oo o o o o o !!!!

as for games, i'm still working my way through the ukraine bundle from earlier this year, there has been some great finds. and i also have a yearning for minecraft.

i have also been slaying my way through twenty (mobile game). and i'm really tempted to play genshin.


school is as usual, it'll be a busy year, etc etc

trying to get into palmistry though! i have a pdf of a book. gonna read through it frequently.


my discord server is in a nice state of peace right now and i really love it. so much.

i'm also trying to just, have a social media presence on twitter. maybe it's not the best place? who knows.

things are generally great!