what i'm doing now

(this is a /now page. if you have a site, you should make one too!)

updated 4 december 2022


aiming for a box arena release by the end of 2022, and then i have ideas for a ghost&scarf sequel 👀 and there's also esteria and christmas lights and— yea. not too sure what i'll do after, tbh. but for now look out for box arena!! soon!!!

other creations

doing a bunch of sewing projects!!! yay!!!

i keep thinking of returning and recording some of the many toki pona song drafts, but... i also keep procrastinating. so who knows anymore.

content consumption

got my kindle working again! so i can read ebooks happily now. been to the library often, so that's amazing :)

playing hades and minecraft hypixel recently!


practising guitar consistently again. it's really fun. why haven't i done this earlier?

also i signed up for hiphop dance lessons heheehehehehe.

ALSO i'm learning haskell!!!! haskell is fun. i'm doing advent of code with it, or attempting to.


twitter a Hellfire. i went into cohost super hard for a few days, but both cohost and mastodon sit untouched in my bookmarks. who knows?