what i'm doing now

(this is a /now page. if you have a site, you should make one too!)

updated 2 september 2022


box arena's release goal is by the end of this year. i also have plans for going back to christmas lights, eventually, and then esteria, too.

there are no more side projects i'm distracted by except for possibly the upcoming ludum dare 51, which i might not participate in due to exams. and maybe something for halloween, then!


surprisingly, i am still working occasionally on the fanfiction. i don't plan to share it here anytime, but wow it's interesting. i really want to do more writing. maybe more choose-your-own-adventure stuff, akin to dreams of cat. we will see.


recently got into wire jewelry, and i'm considering making a small shop/commission business, or at least keeping a log of stuff i've made on this website somewhere soon :)

i also have a sewing machine now! don't really have time to do much with it tho.

and (hopefully) finishing up a few crochet projects in my free time.

content consuming

i got one run on hades!! i got it!!! i will get more!!!

currently reading circe by madeline miller. i really quite enjoy the writing style.


nothing actively. maybe a little tarot?


discord server and twitter are both going pretty well!

opened a public-private irl instagram recently to allow my irls to catch on me more easily, we'll see how that goes :)