what i'm doing now

(this is a /now page. if you have a site, you should make one too!)

updated 8 may 2023


returning to box arena when i have time (which is nearly never). trying to do any game jams that i come across, but i honestly don't have much time for them... hopefully box arena release soon for real now?

need to get used to godot 4!

other creations

still doing a bunch of sewing and crochet crafts ^^

occasionally gets inspired to do music, but i haven't really made anything super good in a while.

slowly uploading my music to spotify.

content consumption

not much!


practising guitar a lot, trying to get better at morse code sporadically. also trying to #learn about myself through journalling :)


haven't been on any socials for a while, honestly, since twitter kind of killed itself. most of my life rn is just trying to cope with school :'