what i'm doing now

(this is a /now page. if you have a site, you should make one too!)

updated 9 july 2022.


fully focused on box arena now, although no development is actively going on at the moment. will be released by the end of 2022.

there are a few gamedev stuff i'm helping with various people, so i'll probably focus on those for now.


nothing going on at the moment! school is taking up too much of my life :(

there's a zine i've been planning to do for a while, but i don't know whether i'd get around to doing it.

content consuming

i recently got hades and it's SO good. as of writing this i have less than an hour playtime but i'm planning to play more as soon as i finish writing. it's so smooth it's so good! when i have free time i'll probably be playing this.


i've picked up esperanto on duolingo again for fun. other than that, school is really really taking up all of my life haha......


my discord server is in a nice state of peace right now and i really love it. so much.

i'm also trying to just, have a social media presence on twitter. maybe it's not the best place? who knows.

things are generally great!