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site revamp in progress! • 19.11.2021

i almost thought i lost my enjoyment of coding, but i guess it just stems from not having the right outlet. i'm currently working on the site revamp and wow, i want to keep doing this!

i have a good bunch of ideas for what to include next on the website and i think i'll take a few days to finish it all, but for now i'll just put whatever i have here. it's so epic!

still keeping that rainbow theme, yes, but now in dark mode :)

AH i forgot i also need to make sure it's okay on mobile. that's a small pain.

perhaps when my domain runs out i'll move back to fish.69.mu,,,,,, who knows?

sunset-shaped • 7.9.2021

wow. so. yesterday i published sunset-shaped, my newest game for a jam. and like. wow! the response has been... it's so cool. people are enjoying it. people are speedrunning it. it's wild.

i keep riding that wave and sharing it to places. not sure if that's a great idea, but i don't know. it's still doing super well - the second day's stats are higher than the first >.>

i'm very proud of it? there's so much. so many decisions made while making the game. i'm so proud of the player-touching-wall sound effect specifically.

please check it out? i really should study, my exams are coming up real soon, yet,,,,

oh well. it was fun :)

one month, and many things • 20.7.2021

two days ago marked one month of development on christmas lights!! and there's a page created for that now, too. if i carry on with this for two more months i'll allow myself to make a discord server dedicated to this and start collecting a following, but that'll also be around exam period, so who knows. but for now please go play the demo and tell me everything :)

i also finally claimed my github students free domain for a year at bucketfish.me! i don't know what i'll do to it after a year, but hopefully i can keep using it, but probably not. we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, i guess.

anyways, i guess that's it for now. i'm super happy about my progress on christmas lights, and i don't have anything anywhere else, so - see you!

school, again, and many updates • 3.7.2021

good morning! it's night right now. school's been in for a week and i'm absolutely drained and extremely tired and i feel like i completely forgot how to interact with others on anywhere other than discord, which is quite fascinating.

a few updates:

  • new game dev project! it's called 'christmas lights'. a small platformer about lights. it's halfway through and i plan to have a demo up by maybe the end of the year, but realistically i'll be abandoning it in a few weeks. which brings me to
  • i got a twitter! @bucketfish_. mostly game updates, but also random thoughts. haven't thought about what i'll do with it yet but most of the good creators are there so might as well.
  • thinking of making an rss feed. it would be cool! let me know thoughts
  • if you recall i had 'fish.69.mu' domain temporarily. i technically can have it back now but it's quite a hassle and i'd rather just stick with neocities. yee
  • ma pona webring! a great place. check out the other things there too. see front page

that is all. have a good day! i hope to have on too.

aaaaaaaaaa • 11.6.2021

unfortunate things happened to my website. some links might be broken, please let me know.

some parts of internet hates me today D:

rainbow • 8.6.2021

rainbow. rainbow rainbow rainbow.

i made a website • 7.6.2021

yooo! this website is up and running! i spent the past *inhales* 9 hours on this, give or take a couple for lunch. wow.

i have tons of time over the next couple of weeks, so i'll hopefully be updating more wooOOO i have lots of cool stuff in mind! not sure whether i'll ever get around to doing it but !! yay!

haven't been this invested in something for a while. that feels good.