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i'm bucketfish, and i go by many names, and i am many things. in this corner of the internet is a collection of My Stuff™.

some Stuff™ is really just a listing of the things i made or like. and friends.

please check out my itch page !! bucketfish.itch.io

the navbar is at the left (or top if you're on mobile), you can click around there :>

some pages will also have subpages, etc etc. go and explore around.

this is version three-ish of the website :) you can find the previous versions here.

rings & links

join our discord server!

a place to discuss various things. originally created to disseminate info about my games and projects, but has since then expanded. the community is very <333

everyone is welcome, unless you're not nice.


and lovely folks:

q1, really cool game dev and their website is amazing and their music is great and just !! underrated, honestly.

ampersandia, a system(aka) of really amazing people who make cool stuff like laiqbun and treize!

equa !! big cool.

sonja, amazing friend and also super !! epic!!

asnev, another Cool Person with a Cool Website™

waso lojeki, another great person with a Really Cool Website and an amazing url too

citrons, lemons with really cool websites(multiple) and johnvertisment

viba/whiletrue, cool person who does computer stuff and has lots of conlangs

exa/lilith/iris/autumn/etc, really big brain and Cool Stuff. many name. 10/10

taforage, really really epic, though their website is a work in progress :>


you want to know about me? okay then!

the following information is pulled from my pronouns.page. you can head over there for more detailed information :)

• names: something like ty/tonyu/tongyu/bucketfish :)

• pronouns: she/her, they/them, fae/faer, ae/aer, rae/ren/res, and gay/gamer(jokingly)

if you're confused, also see page on neopronouns

some links and socials :D

• discord: bucketfish#3961 - scroll up for the server

• twitter: @bucketfish_

• itch.io: bucketfish

• github: bucketfishy

• email: bucketfishy@gmail.com

other site stuff

source code on github


(because of course!)

no one asks me questions, so i ask myself.

why did you revamp the site again?
i was bored and getting tired of the old site, i hope you like this one!

how did you make this website?
html, css, and javascript. vanilla and no plugins :) and a t o n of googling.

why so many rainbows? are you eight?
no, karen, i'm gay.

are you going to remake this website again?
probably, yeah, seeing how many times i've remade it already. and also for practice :)

why 'bucketfish'?
why not?

how many names do you have?
many! my most common names around the internet includes bucketfish, ty, fqdingsky, and fqd3. reasons.

why do you keep asking yourself questions no one would ask you anyways?
i like to type :) skjdfajkdf okay i'll stop now.